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What kind of style machine processing is it divided into?

Nowadays, the mechanical parts processing industry is developing very fast. There are more than one type of machining methods for general mechanical parts. So, do you know which types of machining are divided into? Let Xiaobian come to share with you today!

1. There are many forms of mechanical part forming:

(1) Hot processing: casting, forging, welding, etc.

(2) Cold processing: car, planing, milling, punching, pressing, riveting, etc.

2. Cold processing also has many forms:

(1) Sheet metal parts: punching, pressing, riveting, etc.

(2) Comprehensive components: car, planing, milling, etc.


3. General machining refers to the processing of integrated parts. Its form is:

(1) Workpiece rotary processing: car

(2) Tool rotary machining: drilling, milling, boring, surface grinding

(3) Both the workpiece and the tool are rotated: internal grinding, external grinding, rolling cutting

(4) The workpiece and the tool are not rotated. Processing: planing, inserting, pulling

(5) Others: electric processing, laser, waterjet, etc.

4. Differentiate the processing form according to the processing content:

(1) Processing of rotary parts: car, internal and external round grinding, etc.

(2) Surface processing: milling, drawing, plane grinding, etc.

(3) Processing of holes: drilling, boring, expanding, reaming, pulling, grinding, etc.

(4) Processing of the trough: car, milling, plugging, pulling, etc.

Through the sharing of Xiaobian, everyone should know what kind of mechanical parts processing, and hope that the above content can help everyone!

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