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What are the steps involved in sheet metal processing?

In the current production operations, what are the more common sheet metal processing techniques, including which steps? Perfect, sheet metal processing mainly includes the following steps: sheet metal processing drawing design, laser processing or (CNC stamping), bending, welding molding, electrostatic powder spraying or (liquid paint), and finally packaging and shipping.

First of all, in the sheet metal processing, the design of the sheet metal processing drawings mainly refers to the scale, design, and development according to the drawings or samples provided by the customer, and finally forms the machining decomposition map and the assembly drawing and submits them to the production department for processing. In sheet metal processing or laser processing, we can cut and cut carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, use laser cutting and cutting, the workpiece is neatly tidy, smooth and beautiful, and the dimensions are accurate. More advantages are the processing methods that can not be replaced by general CNC stamping.

sheet metal processing

In addition, in the CNC stamping process of sheet metal processing, it is mainly for the processing of some thinner materials. Generally, materials below 2.5mm are suitable, and workpieces with many holes for machining or special molds (such as convex and concave molds) can be processed. When the batch size is large, CNC punching has a certain cost advantage.

In sheet metal processing, bending is also an indispensable part of the process. Usually, after the workpiece is cooked, it is usually necessary to bend and form a good guarantee for subsequent welding assembly.

In addition, in sheet metal processing, solder molding has an important impact on product quality. Under normal circumstances, the workpiece generally needs to be assembled and formed after the next good material, and there are various assembly methods, and some are directly formed by non-welding processes such as screwing and riveting. The mechanical shell sheet metal is often welded, so that the workpiece is relatively firm and beautiful.

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