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What are the main factors affecting the processing price of sheet metal?

1. Precision sheet metal processingmaterials. Different processing materials will directly affect the price level of sheet metal. Nowadays, many sheet metal processing uses synthetic materials. The price of these materials is relatively expensive, so it will also lead to the price increase of precision sheet metal.


2. Precision sheet metal processing technology. In the process of sheet metal processing, in order to improve the precision of sheet metal itself, it will adopt special advanced CNC stamping technology, laser cutting and so on for special treatment. Under the processing of these technologies, the precision of sheet metal will be further improved. So, the price will increase a lot.


3. Area, the current static gold is mainly based on the quality and the size of the area required by the customer. The larger the required area, the higher the price. Of course, if the quantity can be purchased, the merchant will also be sure. To a certain extent, give a certain discount.

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For the precision sheet metal processing technology, the general price of such a problem, Zui good way is to find the manufacturer's customer service, because the customer's needs are different, the required size standards are differentiated, one-to-one customization Service is a good solution to the problem.


In the traditional sheet metal processing, there are problems such as high precision, complex shape and large batch size. However, since the application of CNC machining technology, these problems have been effectively solved, greatly improving the processing capability and promoting the whole process. The gold processing industry is moving forward.

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