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What are the common materials for sheet metal processing?

The application of sheet metal processing technology is more and more extensive, so do you know which materials are used? You should know that different materials are often chosen for different workplaces and usage requirements.


Among the sheet metal processing techniques, one of the more commonly used materials is galvanized steel sheet, referred to as SECC. The substrate of this material is actually a general cold-rolled steel coil, which becomes an electro-galvanized product after the continuous electro-galvanizing line undergoes degreasing, pickling, electroplating and various post-treatment processes. This material not only has the mechanical properties and approximate processability of the general cold-rolled steel sheet, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and decorative appearance.

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For this reason, sheet metal processing products of this material are widely used in our lives. Especially in the market of electronic products, home appliances and furniture, there is great competition and substitution. This material is commonly used, for example, in computer cases. The second commonly used material is the ordinary cold-rolled sheet, referred to as SPCC, which mainly refers to the continuous rolling of steel ingots into coils or sheets of the required thickness through a cold rolling mill.


It should be noted that the products made with this material. If the performance is unprotected, the leak is prone to oxidation in the air. Therefore, the surface of the sheet metal processed product of this material is often painted, plated or otherwise protected to prolong the service life.


In addition, stainless steel products are becoming more and more common in our lives. These include stainless steel SUS304 material. In comparison, sheet metal processed products made from this material have superior corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and very good mechanical properties.

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