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What should be considered when the equipment parts wear and tear

Wear parts replacement standards are the primary factors and allowable wear limits that should be considered when determining whether a worn part needs repair or replacement. Whether the wear parts of the equipment can be used continuously or to be replaced depends mainly on the degree of wear of the parts and the influence on the accuracy and performance of the equipment. In general, the following aspects should be considered:

1. Impact on equipment accuracy

Some parts will affect the accuracy of the equipment after being worn, so that the equipment cannot meet the process requirements during use, and must be repaired or replaced. When the wear of the part has not exceeded the specified tolerance, the continued use will not affect the accuracy of the equipment, and it can be replaced.

2. Impact on the intended function of the organization

When the part is worn out and the intended use function cannot be completed, it must be replaced. For example, a worn clutch loses the effect of transmitting power, and the cam mechanism cannot guarantee a predetermined motion law.

3. Impact on mechanical equipment performance and operation

When the parts are worn out and the performance is reduced, they should be replaced. If the noise of the gear transmission increases, the efficiency decreases and the stability is broken; or the parts are displaced from each other, the motion resistance is increased, and the operation of the equipment is affected.


4. Impact on mechanical equipment productivity

When the parts wear out, the production efficiency is reduced, and when the worker's physical exertion increases, they should be replaced. Such as machine tool rail wear, mating surface grinding, gap increase, lead screw wear, bending, etc., so that the machine can not work at full capacity, resulting in reduced production.

5, the impact on the strength of the part

The main bearing parts of heavy equipment (such as forging equipment crankshaft, crank, hammer, etc.) should be replaced when cracks are found.

The above are the problems that should be considered when the equipment parts are worn. What problems have you considered? Please leave us a message to discuss.

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