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The design of mechanical equipment is affected by many factors such as technology, manufacturing, materials and technology. With the changes in people's use requirements, people's requirements for product design are getting higher and higher. Since the material of the mechanical equipment shell is mostly made of sheet metal, its design is more limited by the processing technology. When designing the equipment, the design of the mechanical equipment and equipment as a whole is focused on the design of each element. It is also an extremely important part. In order to design a reasonable shape and beautiful color for mechanical equipment, it is more simple and more fashionable. The product of sheet metal is indispensable to the addition of sheet metal technology. The sheet metal process is an important factor to enhance the overall design. The following elements should be met when designing mechanical equipment.

1 sheet metal design

Sheet metal generally refers to the transformation of some metals into some of the desired shapes and sizes with the help of some molds. Traditionally, in order to complete the design of a sheet metal part, the metal is unfolded, so that it is made into an unfolded figure by the force, and finally it can be cut and processed according to the size of the drawing and the size of the unfolded drawing. The previous sheet metal process was mostly carried out by hand. Some panels were not simply added or subtracted when unfolding. Some conversions were also considered, so the traditional method was less efficient and more error-prone. Nowadays, the use of modern technology in sheet metal processing, CAD technology has begun to be added in the design of sheet metal, which greatly enhances the processing and calculation of data, which makes the development of sheet metal process gradually progress.

sheet metal

2. Sheet metal processing research

By studying the production of mechanical equipment under the use of sheet metal technology, the aesthetics of mechanical equipment and the processing characteristics of sheet metal are highlighted. The equipment is improved by exploring the method of slitting of small dough pieces and the method of color separation processing of large dough blocks. In the modeling process, the characteristics of the equipment to be upgraded are beautiful, and the molding process of the equipment is more mature. Under the premise of analyzing the factors affecting the production cost of the equipment, the optimization method of sheet metal in the discharge is considered from the perspective of cost. Through the analysis of these factors and the new method, a series of methods of mechanical design in the design of the design are obtained. At the same time, the situation of the sheet metal process is briefly introduced, combined with some simple concrete examples, the mechanical equipment. The design method of the design was studied and verified.

3. Optimized design of sheet metal discharge

The auxiliary features of the product generally refer to the characteristics of the product in some detail, that is to say, these features do not have a very critical influence on the main form of the device, but they play a finishing role in the overall design form. The cold-rolled sheet is the most commonly used processing material in the sheet metal process, and the bending process is generally a relatively basic processing process in the sheet metal process. The thickness and bending radius of the sheet have a certain relationship with the processing technology. It is especially important in the design of the curved part, and it is necessary to leave a certain margin in the process of folding. If a company wants to gain a reputation, it needs a certain amount of effort in the styling, which means that while ensuring the quality and enhancing the viewing of the styling, the company will be more popular with consumers. However, in the process of pursuing aesthetics, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of costs. Therefore, it is more conducive to control the cost by increasing the reasonable analysis and use of raw materials. The mechanical equipment is mostly rectangular, so the optimization during the discharge is also conducive to the overall rationalization. Based on the design, using the layout method to interpret the design effect can effectively reduce the cost.

The basic requirements for the design of mechanical equipment products are to ensure that the products meet the needs of use, reliability and economy, and have good manufacturability. In turn, there are many factors affecting the design effect of the process, so the relevant factors of the product process It plays a key role in the success of the design.

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