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Technical requirements for sheet metal part processing

In the custom production of sheet metal parts, what is the customer's concern for the sheet metal processing plant?

The following points are summarized: the technical ability directly determines the quality of the product. For the customization of sheet metal parts, the technology can be divided into machining technology and surface treatment technology, as well as research and development capabilities and engineers.

Shenzhen Huachao Hui gold parts master, the machine department is through pre-job training, strict selection and post, have more than years of operating experience. The surface treatment process of sheet metal parts is strict. The surface treatment process includes sanding, fuel injection, sand blasting, over UV, silk screen printing, etc., and each of these positions has a special person responsible, so their personal skills requirements will be higher. . Common appearance sheet metal parts such as: display back panel, automotive sheet metal, custom sheet metal parts, etc.

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The master of Hua Chaohui's gold parts processing surface treatment has ten years of work experience, providing a safe choice for the appearance quality. For the company's research and development capabilities, the general sheet metal parts customization is the designer's initial conception, and may encounter some practical problems in the specific processing, such as dryness, or the surface effect is not ideal, or above the function Defective, or the inability to manufacture molds for mass production in the future, etc. When encountering these problems, we have practical experience and professional engineers will give constructive answers and help.

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