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Factors affecting the processing of precision parts

The mechanical parts processing industry is a pillar industry of the national economy and has a very promising future. When processing precision mechanical parts, the processing plant has many requirements and regulations on the processing technology to ensure the pass rate of the factory parts. So, do you know what factors affect the processing of precision parts? Let's take a look!

Precision part processing technology was put forward in the 1960s. It is to improve the performance, quality, service life and reliability of electromechanical products, and the cross section of the bar can be an important method. Precision machining means that the machining error is less than 0.1. m, the surface roughness is less than RA0.025IXM processing technology, also known as sub-micron processing, the level of precision parts processing is an important indicator of the national manufacturing level.


In addition to the fluctuations of hydraulic and pneumatic sources in the machining of precision parts, the working environment has a great influence on the processing quality. Therefore, the working environment is a necessary condition to ensure the processing quality. The working environment mainly has the requirements of temperature, purification and vibration resistance. The influence of environmental temperature change on the accuracy of the machine tool is particularly significant, including the temperature change of the thermal factor caused by the machining error. The total machining error (40 70)% of the dust will cause the surface of the workpiece to be scratched and affect the surface quality process, such as occurs. Vibration, the surface of the workpiece has been processed with stripes or fabric traces, and the surface finish is significantly reduced.


With the high precision of parts processing requirements, the requirements of the processing environment are becoming more and more strict, only the impact of precision parts processing on gas pressure fluctuations, environmental temperature changes, external and self-vibration analysis, precision parts processing factors There are many influences. In order to improve the precision of ultra-precision machining, it is necessary not only to understand the influence of factors, but also to master the solution.


The above is what the mechanical parts processing factory wants to share with you about the factors affecting the processing of precision parts. I hope I can help you!

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