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 Air outlet for machining mechanical parts


  Standing on the tuyere, the pigs can fly. The current robot is standing at the tuyere of machining mechanical parts. At the first China Expo in the past, many precision machinery parts processing factories competed for this enthusiasm. The high-simulation entertainment robot from the British mechanical parts processing factory, 2.4 meters in height and 60 kilograms in weight, is a different face from ordinary people - it is like Iron Man in the Marvel movie, on the booth of the British Pavilion in the Expo. Dance and dance, and hug the kiss with the audience. This is the world's most advanced entertainment robot with the highest level of simulation, the highest degree of flexibility, and the highest level of flexibility.

  In the precision parts processing exhibition area of the Expo, robots and artificial intelligence have become an indispensable part, ranging from automobile manufacturing to weather forecasting, and robots with mechanical parts processing. In the service area of the Expo, the robots that make coffee have come in handy, with one arm making coffee, one arm pouring milk, and making latte for people to look like.

  At the Expo, exhibitions on the processing of intelligent machine parts received the highest attention. Table tennis robots from Japanese precision machinery parts processing plants have been watched by many exhibitors. It can control the timing and direction of the shot in 1/1000 seconds. It is a good training practice for practicing the ball. There is also a robot that was born in the precision mechanical parts processing factory in the United States. It can complete the operation through several holes, so that the operation can be performed without opening the abdominal cavity. The wounds are smaller and the bleeding is less; there is also a robot that serves the female compatriots, which can flexibly apply foundation, draw eyeliner, apply lipstick, and the robot arm will carefully tighten the cosmetic cover.

precision parts processing

  The giants of precision parts processing robots from all over the world have made a big splash at the Expo. In the intelligent and high-end equipment exhibition area, the booth of Japanese mechanical parts processing shows the spot welding robot on the automobile production line. It has six robot arms that can work at the same time, and is also the world's highest speed spot welding robot.

  Germany's precision parts processing company's newly developed machine tool "gantry milling", with a total weight of 200 tons, equivalent to the weight of 25 elephants, will become the Asia's first show. This precision machine tool can achieve a positioning accuracy of 4 microns, which is equivalent to a spider silk. It can process all kinds of complex mechanical parts and can be used in the processing of precision parts in aerospace, automotive and other industries; the accuracy of similar foreign products is about 8 microns, and it can be increased by 3 times in terms of efficiency.

  The tuyere for machining mechanical parts - the advantage of robotic production is that it can replace many tasks that cannot be done manually. Another star of the Expo is the Leonardo helicopter AW189 in Italy, which concentrates on the most advanced precision parts processing technology, and the degree of intelligence is greatly improved. The market price is close to 200 million RMB. It can take 20 people and has a maximum range of more than 1000 kilometers. It has the world's strongest 50-minute main reducer dry running force, which can guarantee the safety requirements of search and rescue and offshore oil operations.

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